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5G Masts Burn

A number of 5G masts in the area have unexpectedly burned down over the last few weeks as people that have affectionately been described as “morons” link 5G signals to the recent Coronavirus situation.

The Mast, The Mast, The Mast Is On Fire?

We reached out to the nation’s major mobile network providers for comment, but unsurprisingly none would return our calls. We did, however, manage to get comment from an employee who wishes to remain anonymous.

I can’t believe they haven’t realised it was actually an employee error. When we were setting up the new masts we couldn’t remember what G to put them on, so we put them to 6G and apparently it was one G too many!

Ron Jones, who wishes to remain anonymous.

After seeking advice from the local fire brigade regarding masts on fire they have warned us that we should not use any water to try to put them out, and we should just leave them to burn.

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