Exact Times You Can See Stars In The Sky

Our resident Astrologer James “Big Dipper” Wilson has helped all you stargazers looking to spot stars in the sky tonight.

“Best Viewing At Night”

We asked for his expert advice on the subject of stars and he had this to say.

Well you’re best looking at night time, you see, that’s when it’s dark, and the stars are visible.

James “Big Dipper” Wilson

When pushed for his proof of this he contiued:

The sun, it’s kinda bright, it makes it hard to see stars. So you’re best off waiting until the sun goes to sleep, yeah?

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Where to look

So now we know when it’s best to look for stars, now we need to know where. We reached out to Prof. Brian Cox for viewing suggestions, but he was unavailable, so we received the following email from his assistant:


Assistant to Prof. Brian Cox

We weren’t expecting such a technical answer so we asked the University of Hull to help us further. They advised us that if we can see our feet we are quite likely looking the opposite way. We await further confirmation.

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