Experts Baffled By Strange Fireball In Sky

Experts have been left baffled by a strange fireball in the skies over the Hull and East Yorkshire area.

“No Cause For Alarm”

Although many have been worried, most too afraid to leave their own home, totally unrelated to the lockdown, in fear of what this giant ball of fire could be and what it wants with Hull.

Conspiracy theorists have linked the appearance of this strange object with the recent Coronavirus outbreak, and, in turn, the 5G masts installed in the city. They claim that the giant fireball is one giant 5G mast that someone managed to set ablaze, though our crack team of reporters have already debunked this line of questioning.

Mystery Solved

After hours of deliberating and discussions (look at my big words words words hgh gh today!) one user on our Discussion Forum pointed out that the large ball of fire is a frequent visitor to the region, but only seems to visit when it’s sunny and warm, though no further link has been made between the two.

We received word from a local MP, who wishes to remain anonymous, that a COBRA meeting has been established and the government wishes to try to communicate with this visitor, and remind it that it needs to go through customs before entering our contrary. Emma went on to tell us that she welcomes this new visitor to our region and hopes it has a lovely stay and tells all its friends about how great our city is.

The Sun?

The University of Hull released a statement:

I’m sorry, the office is currently closed due to the Coronavirus. If you have an emergency please contact the emergency services. Alternatively, please leave a message after the beep.

Kind lady with robotic voice at the University of Hull

We got in contact with the emergency services, and the answer finally came to light. It turns out it was the sun all along.

Hull Daily would like to go on record that we share the sentiment of Emma Hardy an anonymous local MP and hope The Sun (or at least the nice one in the sky, not that other one) remains in the region for the next few months.

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