Hull Mum Scammed Into Pyramid Scheme

A Hull mum has been scammed after joining what she thought was a legitimate work from home business opportunity.


Miss Tracy Smith who wishes to not be named felt “shocked” and “angered” after finding out the exclusive work from home opportunity she saw on a for sale group was actually a scam.

I couldn’t believe it. All I had to do was send them £60 and they promised me the money would begin to roll in.


She said alarm bells began to ring when the person posting in the Hull for sale group all the way from sunny Swindon began to tell her that all she needed to do to make money was recruit her friends. And they would recruit their friends, and everyone will a successful hun overnight. But, determined to make her millions online, she ignored all the red flags and paid the fee with a small overdraft.

After receiving her £60 starter kit, consisting of some tacky makeup and flimsy brochures, she set out to earn her promised fortune. Two months and countless spammy Facebook and Instagram posts later and she had managed to pick up her first commission cheque of a staggering £3.28.

Her upline (a.k.a. scammer) told her this was a moment to savour, but she should work harder next month to be a real boss babe.

After six months and only having to pay a further £300 in stock our anonymous Hull mum had made an astonishing £3.88 in commission.

Solution Offered

Miss Smith offered a solution to stop people being scammed online, all we had to do was send her our bank account details and she will contact the bank to make sure nobody touches our money!

It’s a good thing she did, too, as our bank balance hit £0 just minutes after we gave her the details. More on this as we hear from the bailiffs.

Have You Been Affected?

Have you or your loved ones been affected by this terrifying new cult of stay at home parents spamming your favourite for sale groups? Why not link this article and see how long it takes for them to say it’s a lie and block you? They will. They’ve been brainwashed trained to ignore the facts and to keep being scammed by their upline.

But why would you want them to block you? Well it’s one less pyramid-touting hun to fill your newsfeed, of course!

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Aforementioned Chicken Dinner

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